Off Grid Yoga Retreat

Off Grid Yoga Retreat Helping in USA

Off Grid Yoga Retreat Helping in USA

Help us Build an Off Grid Yoga Retreat. We both have spent our lives preparing and dreaming of creating our living space, community and home in form and function aligned with our passions and spirit. Come share our fire! Namaste.

Our 40 acres is in a mountainous (by Alabama standards) forest with waterfalls, wildlife and private swimming holes surrounded by miles more of Talladega National forest. We value above all else kindness and respect of others. We love teamwork and evening dinner social time , but also enjoy time for ourselves as hosts with family. We enjoy mutual respect for quality down time and encourage independent exploration of the many riches of the forest.

Off Grid Yoga Retreat Tasks & Roles

Help Required

Current main project is beginning construction of the Valhalla (communal kitchen / grand hall) with logs. There is a variety of other work needed – cooking, dishes, general cleanup, firewood gathering, brush clearing, road maintenance and trail blazing, rock hauling, sign making, solar electrical and water system monitoring.

We are building an off grid homestead and yoga retreat on 40 acres surrounded by the Talladega National Forest. Looking for select volunteers to work and live alongside us.

We’re building Cabins, community kitchen (Valhalla), bathhouse and art studio. We are trail blazing, clearing land, gathering firewood, making community fire circles, practicing yoga and celebrating life.

Hours & Roster

25 hours/week

Off Grid Yoga Retreat Living

Volunteers are provided food, a tent and bedding (mattress, pillow and a big super comfy sleeping bag). ACTUALLY Hot showers and communal kitchen shared.

We are 10 minutes from Talladega (Grocery / Department Stores, Hospital, Coffee Shop etc), Birmingham is 1 hour away, Atlanta is 2 hours away.

Off Grid Yoga Retreat What Else…

We are completely off grid and can teach about building, solar power, water sourcing/filtering, and sustainable independent community living.

We always recommend that you have adequate travel insurance in place before you travel overseas.

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