Experience African Lifestyle While Volunteering (Building Project)

Experience African Lifestyle While Volunteering (Building Project)

Experience African Lifestyle While Volunteering (Building Project). This is a project which involves the construction of the African Chattels for accommodation of foreigners short term volunteers / missionary who visit Tanzania. Or on holiday.

To enable the visiting foreigners to enjoy living in a comparatively low profile huts to hotel stay where air conditioned rooms and comfortable bed and mattresses are provided, TV and internet connections, swimming pool access.

While staying in the African Chattels, they will learn on their own pure African lifestyle. Keeping away restaurants, contemporary and intimate intentions, providing buffets and other specials as the menu determines. Often very costly. As well. While a menu relishing a menu of African dishes.

Experience African Lifestyle – Stay Overview

Nursery School Volunteering in Tanzania – Quick Checks
Hours & Roster: 20-25 hours per week, weekends are free
What’s included? We provide free accommodation with a local familiy
What’s Not Included? Flights, pocket money, visa & volunteer travel insurance
Selection process: Message us. We are looking forward to meeting you and hope you enjoy your stay with us. Prove to us that you’ve read through our profile & your profile must be complete (description and photo)

Experience African Lifestyle – Tasks & Roles

Currently, we need help in teaching English and other subjects in our Nursery School s, Farming,Harvesting and construction of the orphanage. We would like to hear from open-minded volunteers who are willing to help out in the following areas:

  • Teaching children in various subjects such as English, mathematics or art, be empathetic, play and have fun with the children.
  • Volunteer in the local hospital (only those with a medical background and experience).
  • Fundraising for the construction of our new orphanages in Mbeya and Kibaha Coast Region, We are still building the orphanage in the Igamba village (Mbeya region). Right now, all the orphans in Igamba village we providing help for are living with individual families. As soon as the construction of our orphanage is done, we will be happy to welcome volunteers there as well. That’s why we are establishing this project so that we can finish the construction of the orphanage very soon.

Experience African Lifestyle – Living

Sleeping: Volunteers will experience a home stay with a local Tanzanian family.

Linen & Laundry: Please bring own sleeping bag and towels. Your home stay host will help with your laundry.

Eating: We use our own natural and home grown food. 3 meals a day are included free.

Transport: For a fee, we can help arrange to pick you up at Julius Nyerere International Airport (JNIA) in Dar Es Salaam. Please contact us for more details.  The cost of a taxi from the Airport to Kibaha is US$100 or less depending on the driver. There is a bus that goes to Kibaha but it’s a complicated route. If your new to Tanzania, we would advice volunteers to get a taxi for their own security.

Experience African Lifestyle – What Else…

Amenities & Preferences 

  • Accommodate up to 5 volunteers at any one time.
  • Male and female volunteers accepted.
  • Single travellers, two friends, couples and even families are welcomed and accommodated.
  • We use a modem for internet connection.
  • Other Experiences: You will experience traditional Tanzanian life and participate in daily activities such as cooking. You will learn to cook local foods like Ugali, Maandazi and Chapati.
  • Safari: We can discuss a safari and other places to visit while you are here.
  • Own travel insurance recommended.

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