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Get Health Insurance for Living, Working & Retiring Abroad (Expat Financial)

Expat Financial is an independent expat insurance specialist firm. Obtaining international health insurance is one of the most important requirements if you are planning to move abroad or if you are already an expatriate.

What Expat Financial Says…

You may remember the AMEX ad from the 70s, “don’t leave home without it.” The same goes for global medical insurance.

If you are living abroad or planning on going overseas, it is vital that you obtain a comprehensive medical insurance plan that will cover your medical and evacuation costs for you and your dependents.

The medical costs of an uninsured claim can be extremely large and your domestic plan probably doesn’t cover you once you leave your home country.

Questions Expat Financial says you need to ask

What region of cover do you require?

Most expat health plans will cover you globally including or excluding the USA. Most American expats and foreign nationals living in countries nearby the USA will want a plan that will cover medical treatment in the United States.

A plan that includes treatment for America will be more expensive than a plan that excludes cover there. Some plans will cover emergency treatment if you are traveling to the USA on a short term basis.

Do you need flexible cover when abroad?

Flexible plans to cover you abroad when you need it most. You can obtain global medical insurance plans from basic to comprehensive.

Most of the plans that allow you to choose from in-patient medical care plans only or add various modules, such as out-patient care, wellness, evacuation and dental coverage. There are a number of plans to fit almost any budget.

Have you a pre-existing medical condition?

It is important to declare you medical health and see if the insurer can cover these conditions. Most plans will not require a medical or tests, but will instead want a declaration from you and/or your doctor.

Are you planning retiring abroad?

If you plan to live abroad for life or especially if you are over 60, make sure you obtain a plan that can cover you for life as long as you are an expatriate.

Are you planning to start a family?

Make sure you get a plan that covers maternity. All individual expat health plans that provide maternity coverage will have a 12 month waiting period before they will cover maternity and newborns.

Make sure the plan you are applying for covers maternity if you or your partner plan to get pregnant while living abroad as maternity expenses can be quite large.

Why Buy Medical Insurance From Expat Financial?

  • They offer health plans from large and well known specialist insurers.
  • You can obtain a quote and purchase their provider’s plans online, even if you’ve already left home.
  • They offer plans that can potentially cover some pre-existing medical conditions.
  • Offer excellent service and support.
  • You can call or email Expat Financial to obtain personal service, recommendations and discuss your requirements.
  • LiveAbroad.com and HelpStay.com preferred partner is Expat Financial. Expat Financial doesn’t charge a fee as they are compensated by the insurer you choose at the same rates either way.

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If you live, work, study, retire or holiday abroad – you should know what is the correct insurance cover for you. Travel insurance for backpacking and short term volunteering covers emergency health situations when overseas. It’s not the same as International health insurance. For this reason, travel insurance should be used in conjunction with a good health insurance policy in your home country. Get Insurance for Backpacking and Volunteering Abroad.

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