The local farm sanctuary project in Thailand

Local Farm Sanctuary Project in Thailand

If you are cheerful person, love animals an happy to live on the way of simple life for learn about Thai traditional culture. Our local farm sanctuary project may is the right place for you. We welcome anyone who is interested and wants to take part in our volunteering Programs. Here you can meet new friends from all around the world who share the same interest of love. Love is what we stand by enjoy your work experience by taking a hands-on approach to animal care, play and farm life within local farm sanctuary. The project has great benefits to both the environment and community.

Stay Overview

The local farm sanctuary project in Thailand – Quick Checks
Hours & Roster: 28 – 35 hours a week
What’s the cost? 2000 baht(aprox. €52) a week per person includes accommodation, meals & the project support
Selection process: Message us about your relevant experience, why you’d like to volunteer with us & the dates you would be available

Tasks & Roles

About the farm

The local farm sanctuary is a non-profit organization. We are here to help provide a safe home for the furry friends and to allow the local community to learn more about Thai traditional culture. Any money raised goes back into running the farm with things such as maintenance, food, medicine and into the local school near the farm area. You will surely be received with great appreciation, warmth and smiles from the local community. Our local farm sanctuary is a full of friendliness and warmth. We grow traditional vegetable in the gardens; also help to caring for many animals around the area. On a daily basis you will see, assist and contribute to a different way of life and be involved in new experiences which will change your heart and mind.

The area

The little farm is a situated in a rural village in Suan-phung suburbs of Ratchaburi Province. The village features traditional culture on the simple life and beautiful area of the countryside. . The town is an area of high ground surrounded by mountains, and adjoining the Thai – Burmese border, about 2.5 hours from Bangkok. It is an ideal haven for those who search an escape into nature.. In addition to helping our farm and getting to know our animals you. You will also have chance to explore the beautiful surrounding rural area to give you a true taste of Thailand. You will have an opportunity to visit our local school where we can help to improve and repair the playground and also help teach the children English skills in a fun environment.

The program

Every day the volunteers have several jobs that need to be done on a daily basis. This project is flexible; therefore activities during your stay can be changed or tailored for you. The volunteer’s job consists of helping to working with animals you will not only learn about the animals care, but you will also help in the sustainable agriculture and learn about the traditional Thai culture by working within the local community. You will work hands-on in a real experience with new friends from different cultures. We have many interesting activities for you to join, which will strengthen the relationship within our little farm community.

We work on the farm for 4-5 hours each day, that’s why we believe that our local farm sanctuary is a great choice for your experience. The program will give each volunteer a unique and hands-on experience. You will also learn about traditional Thai culture and enjoy our simple life within the eco friendly farm community. The overall duties and responsibilities of the volunteers will include:

  • Cleaning around the farm.
  • Help and learn how to make organic composting.
  • Help to make local product such as coconut oil, by your hand on.
  • Help to plant vegetables in the garden such as seed starting, building, harvests, weeding and etc.
  • Helping to animal husbandry such as clean and feeding, bathing and playing with them.
  • Help to building and repair animal stables around the farm.
  • Help to public relations and providing project information to visitors.
  • Help to teach basic in English skill for children at the local school.


Accommodation: You will reside in a shared volunteer room located near a water basin, with a scenic view of the mountains and forest. As the project is based in a remote area, the volunteers can enjoy the quiet and relaxing surroundings after a long day at work. The room consists of a bed, pillow, blanket and a lamp with a Thai style bathroom outside.

Food: We will provide you with two Thai style meals a day (Breakfast and Lunch) for your evening meal there is lots of choice in the local town. We have a large market with lots of fresh food stalls, local restaurants (some serving western food) or you can choose to buy food to cook with your fellow volunteers on the farm. We will also give you the opportunity to take part in learning Thai cooking during your stay! Note : We all work together to clean up after our meals.

Support Project: We ask for 2000 baht per person per week from each volunteer (Minimum stay 1 week ), any money raised from goes straight back into the general care and maintenance for the animals, which contains food and medicine as well as equipment for the care and improvement of shelter for the animals.

What Else…

Other details

  • Besides working together with the animals and local farm, you are also expected to support with general activities like Construction and Farming activity.
  • You need to endure and be willing to do hard work on the farm.
  • Try to learn and understand local people all around you.
  • You need to show respect to the Thai culture, to be open minded and be prepared to take part in daily rural village life. So in some situations you will need to adapt and embrace it, and be willing to share your home culture too!

What to bring

  • Light walking boots or sports shoes.
  • Camera.
  • Torch.
  • Sleeping bag (During your stay we may make a trip to the mountains to go camping).
  • Long trousers and long-sleeved shirt.
  • Warm clothes for the evening and nights.
  • Diary.
  • Raincoat (June – October).
  • Mosquito spray.
  • Hat or cap.
  • Sun screen.
  • Toilet Paper (Can be purchased at the local shop)

How to get there

From Bangkok : The best way is to take a minivan from The Victory Monument in Bangkok. Situated at a huge roundabout in the city there are many Minivan companys which offer rides to Chat-pa-Wai. Avoid people who are offering transport by bike, or to Ratchaburi, you want to get to chat-pa-wai! If you come from the monument, go along the street to payathai road. After 200m you will see the Century Movie Plaza just before to your left. If you are there you can see several companys. Go to the last one on the row called Jan-Jhao! They have a little halfmoon on there sign! Tickets can be purchased there! (160 baht). If you have a very large bag they will charge an extra 160 baht so you can put you backpack on an extra seat, (only very large bags) this is because there isn’t much space. The van leaves every hour. If you are not sure where to go then the best thing to do is phone me (+66 (0) 99 540 5138 ) before you buy the minivan ticket. I will talk with the local people and help you to get the correct ticket. There is only one stop. When you arrive in Chat-pa-Wai town call me again and I will pick you up at the minivan station.
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